‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant SUSPENDED By Universal Studios After Sexual Harassment Claims Emerge

Hannah Bleau

More “Bachelorette” drama, coming in hot!

I watch the show. Yes I know it’s trash. Yes I watch it anyway, because it’s entertaining and addicting. I’d say it’s a guilty pleasure, but I don’t even feel guilty about it anymore.


If you missed out on the Garrett drama– he “liked” right-leaning memes on the ‘gram, OMG!– you can do so here.

Well, there’s more drama. It’s unrelated to Garrett, but this dude is from the same season.

If you watched the season, then you’re familiar with a dude named Leo Dottavio. He’s a stuntman with luscious, luscious hair.

Um because they had zero chemistry, k thanks bye.

ANYWAY. Leo is under fire. He’s facing allegations of– you guessed it– sexual harassment. Basically, the really young chick from Arie’s season– Bekah Martinez– shared screenshots of conversations she had with women who claimed that Leo sexually harassed them.

Martinez claimed she was sent those messages after sharing an image of a comment Dottavio made on an old Instagram photo, writing to a woman: “You need my big d—.”

“Some great guys from this season” she wrote on her Instagram Story, alongside a screenshot of the comment.

Martinez previously told the New York Post that she first saw the screenshot of the comment on Reddit, where it had been circulating since May. However, Dottavio told the same outlet that the comment had been photoshopped.

She said she shared the photos because “it’s not a coincidence that multiple women would be saying similar things about the same person.”

Except sometimes, it can be. Smear campaigns. Ever heard of ’em?

I don’t claim to know the truth. I just think it’s kind of irresponsible of her to post screenshots with these accusations without offering any real proof. Who are these women? Let them come out and speak out.

Leo responded to the allegations in a lengthy note.

It doesn’t end there. Apparently, Leo might lose his job at Universal Studios. Apparently, someone made a complaint against him. They said they saw Leo making women uncomfortable. There was, allegedly, “excessive hugging and unwanted flirting.”

Via TMZ:

We’re told the person who filed the complaint says the alleged behavior went down at the end of 2017 when Leo worked on the “Water World” show … but before he was cast on ‘Bachelorette.’

He’d been working on “Water World” for 3 and a half years, but he was taken off the schedule in response to the initial allegations made by a former ‘Bachelor’ contestant … who publicly accused him of sexually harassing women more than a decade ago. Leo denied those claims.

Let me get this straight. Someone filed a complaint– someone who SAW him flirting too much? That’s a legitimate complaint now? Being a flirt = sexual harassment now? Not to mention that the women he FLIRTED with didn’t make this complaint. Someone who “witnessed” it did. And on top of that, this happened last year. So…wut?

Because of all that, he’s been suspended.

We reached out to Universal and a spokesperson tells TMZ, “We are aware of the situation and have taken appropriate actions” … referring to the suspension.

We’re also told Leo is technically employed by a third party production company … and that company is investigating the allegations. Universal has suspended him pending that investigation.

Again. I don’t know WHAT happened. Something just feels…off.