Planned Parenthood ONCE AGAIN Proves Why They Don’t Deserve A CENT Of Our Tax Dollars

Ashley (Kimber)

Planned Parenthood “NEEDS” half a BILLION dollars of our money for “women’s healthcare,” right? THEY DESPERATELY NEED OUR MONEY FOR THE WOOOOMEN!

Somehow, they found room in their VERY thin budget for this:

Are you freaking kidding me?

According to the Daily Beast:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, along with the National Women’s Law Center, Center for American Progress Action Fund and other groups will unveil a new ad campaign on Wednesday, with the express purpose of shifting the debate away from the politics of the Kavanaugh nomination and on to personal stories about people who could be affected by his position on the Supreme Court.

Titled “#DearSenators,” the campaign will include a new website that will feature patient stories, letters that constituents have sent to senators and other interactive tools. In addition, Planned Parenthood is beginning a six-figure ad buy that features testimonials from women about access to health care and the importance of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion and is seen as being threatened should Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The television ads will be primarily targeted to Alaska and Maine, while the digital ones will be across the country.

“While politicians like Sen. McConnell and President Trump may see this as a political game, for millions of Americans, the fight over Kavanaugh is personal,” Carmen Berkley, managing director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund said in a statement. “The constitutional right to have an abortion is at stake. Our ability to get health care and to live free of discrimination is at stake.”



Now… the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is a lobbying group that is technically seperate from Planned Parenthood CLINICS.

But yeeeeah… one lobbies to fund the other (and apparently, to smear our SCOTUS nominees.) so the line is blurry at best.

I mean…it looks like they have MORE than enough for all those mammograms they claim to be dishing out.

It’s FUNNY how they CLAIM to want “government out of women’s health care.”

…but want a BOAT LOAD of government money.

And can’t seem to keep themselves OUT OF GOVERNMENT.