LeBron Isn’t REALLY Paying For Lebron’s “Free” School … Guess Who Is

Ashley (Kimber)

Everyone is patting “King James” as he calls HIMSELF for funding an aaammaaaaaazing “Free school.”

Wow. He’s a HERO. He made his own SCHOOL. AMAAAAZING.

(Uhhh… why are these kids looking at basketball shoes projected on a white board? That’s some goooooood learning, eh?)

Here’s the thing: Lebron is giving $2 million dollars for the FIRST YEAR of running the school. Yes… this is CERTAINLY worthy of praise. But… did Lebron singlehandedly open a school, as the Liberal Media keeps pushing?

Well…The school takes $8 million PER YEAR to run.

So no, he’s not opening and funding a school. He’s covering 25% of the operating costs of ONE YEAR.

Who’s footing the rest of the bill?


Keep in mind that Lebron was worth $440 MILLION dollars EVEN BEFORE he signed his recent $153.3 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers…

So that two million isn’t exactly denting his wallet. It sure is getting him A LOT of credit though.

Lebron didn’t “Start his own school.” Lebron gave a public school a $2 million dollar donation.

According to this:

But the school is in an Akron Public Schools building and will be run by the district, according to the newspaper.

“The district will hire and pay the teachers and administration,” the Plain Dealer reported.

“Kids will ride district buses to school. And they will all eat the free breakfast and lunch the district gives all students.”

The eventual cost for the I Promise school is expected to be about $8 million a year, with the district assuming the additional cost out of its regular budget — the funding coming “mostly by shifting students, teachers and money from other schools.”

District spokesman Mark Williamson remarked on the media oversight in covering the story to note that taxpayers are also invested.

“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” Williamson said. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”

Is anyone really surprised, though?

Some people are:

So again… YES, his contribution should be praised, but NO – he did not build and fund a school.

Ok- glad that’s all cleared up now.