President Trump Participates In A ‘Fascinating’ Joint Press Conference With Prime Minister Theresa May

Hannah Bleau

President Trump just participated in a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, and it sounds like our relationship with the UK has never been better.

Before taking questions, both leaders made it clear that they were on the same page, despite previous differences and despite the “controversial” remarks Trump made to the the UK Sun.

Trump addressed that straight on.

At another point, a reporter asked about Trump’s upcoming meeting with Putin, and it was the dumbest question of all time.

“Are you giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the upper hand heading into your talks…”

Are you kidding me? That’s a serious question?

That prompted Trump to compare NBC to CNN.

“See, that’s such dishonest reporter, of course it happens to be NBC which is possibly worse than CNN. Possibly, possibly,” Trump said.

#FakeNews gonna fake.

ANYWAY. President Trump dropped a significant tidbit during the press conference. I can’t find a clip at this moment, because big news outlets don’t feel like it’s important, but it is. Trump said that he’s already hearing that NATO allies are going to step it up financially. I think that’s a BIG deal.

Am I the only one? Alrighty then.

Here are more remarks from the presser:

Our alliance is strong. That much is certain.

PS– Trump b*tch slapped Acosta.