President Trump Meets With The Queen

Hannah Bleau

President Trump and Melania met with the Queen today.

Queen Elizabeth is set to sit down with President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, on Friday, the monarch’s latest meeting with a sitting U.S. president during her more than 66 years on the throne.

On Friday, following tradition, the queen will host the Trumps at Windsor Castle. In 2016, Prince Philip personally drove the queen and the Obamas to the castle for their meeting.

I don’t like the royals, but I think this is cool because the Queen has basically been alive forever and met with nearly a dozen US presidents. As BBC notes:

In her 66-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has met nearly all of the 12 presidents in office during that time, with the exception of Lyndon B Johnson and Mr Trump.


Anyway, here’s their official greeting.

Melania looks stunning, as usual.