Here Are The Dumbest Signs Found At The Anti-Trump Protest In London

Hannah Bleau

Today is the day. Anti-Trump morons in London are flying a giant “Trump Baby” balloon over the city and marching their little butts off. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan approves.

“I know Londoners are resolutely opposed to the politics of fear and despair,” Khan stated. “The US has always stood by our side as a beacon for tolerance, openness and respect. This protest is not anti-American – far from it. Most of those marching on Friday will love the United States, just as I do. But having a special relationship means that we expect the highest standards from each other, and it also means speaking out when we think the values we hold dear are under threat.”

Yep. Trump is VERY threatening, standing up for freedom and fairness and whatnot. How DARE he!

Cue the protesters. There are a crapton of people marching through the streets of London.

This actually makes me love President Trump even more. Sadiq Khan has allowed London to devolve into a violent HOLE. I truly wouldn’t expect anything less from the low-fos in his city.

I’ve taken a close look at some of the signs, and it’s sad. The protesters think they’re being snarky and smart. In reality, they’re proudly showing the world how stupid they are. Take a look.



How very nice of the person on the left to self-identify!

Don’t insult his SUIT! You’re cutting him deep!

Thanks for that long-winded nonsense.

Thanks for clarifying that you hate borders.

How nice of you to invite unchecked, potentially dangerous migrants into your city!

Something tells me they have absolutely NO idea what “racist” actually means.

Reminder: A racist is someone who believes that one race is superior to another race. Trump does not believe that. There is ZERO evidence of that. But carry on, ’cause “muh narrative!”

Freaking gross.

That’s freaking sick. Open a history book, you ignorant hag.

PS– God bless this dude.

Also, this.

Have fun with that, London.

I’m just going to leave this here.