Dash Cam Footage Of ‘Controversial’ Stop Blows The Left’s Narrative To Smithereens

Hannah Bleau

Back in May, we told you the story of Winfield officer Sean Skov, AKA the officer at the center of a “controversial” stop.

As I wrote before:

Long story short, he pulled a man over for failing to use his turn signal. During the stop, Skov noticed “vegetation” in the window. He asked the man, Rudy Samuel, what it was, and he said “tree stuff.”

Out of an abundance of caution, he put on gloves and grabbed the “vegetation stuff” from the driver’s window. Samuel said he didn’t smoke. Things escalated.

When the officer returns, he tells Samuel to get out of his car, the video shows. Samuel said the officer has to test it first, but the officer replies that, “I’ll test it here in a little bit, OK, I ain’t got to test it right now.”

The officer repeats that Samuel must get out of the car, and as Samuel asks why, the officer forcibly removes him, video shows.

The video goes dark, but the microphone picks up the officer saying that Samuel is being detained so police can search the vehicle. Samuel replies that he does not consent to a search, saying police must test the vegetation first.

The video abruptly ends after someone picked up the phone.

The officer didn’t mistreat Samuel, that much is clear. He did his job. Again, linking back to my other post:

If an officer saw something “suspicious” in my vehicle and asked me to step out, I would because I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. Sure, it’d be inconvenient, but there is literally nothing to gain by sitting there and yelling at a cop who’s simply doing his job. Even if he or she is wrong, understand that they’re just trying to do their job and keep the community safe.

The story didn’t end there.

Officer Skov is no longer with the police department, and the department failed to give anyone an explanation as to why. But don’t feel bad, because he wasn’t given an explanation either.

We actually spoke to Officer Skov’s wife, and we feel like their side of the story hasn’t gotten enough exposure, if any exposure at ALL. She explained that Skov has been in law enforcement for 14 years and has NEVER had any trouble. He “has never been verbally reprimanded, written up, nothing within the department.” However, that didn’t seem to affect the way they treated him last Thursday.

According to his wife, he was called into the office Thursday and was told that he needed to resign or be terminated. When he asked for an explanation, the HR person told him for “violation of policy.” Naturally, he asked for the specific policy he supposedly violated, and the HR person said he didn’t know. He was just told to cite this mysterious “policy.”

Skov was told he needed to make a decision on the spot, but he said he wanted to consult an attorney first, because he didn’t do anything wrong. He was told he couldn’t consult an attorney and needed to give an answer on the spot. He refused to resign, because HELLO. Why would he? Because of that, he was terminated without explanation.

Skov’s wife added, “The city manager, Jeremy Willmoth and the city commissioners apparently made this decision in the middle of this investigation.”

You can read my entire post on the ordeal here.

Here’s an additional tidbit from his wife. The dash cam footage of the stop is available. You can watch the entire 33-minute video. As his wife points out, you’ll find no evidence of profiling, racism or police brutality.

It’s pretty evident that Officer Skov is being treated unfairly here, and it’s a darn shame MSM doesn’t want to talk about it.