Kansas University Flies Desecrated American Flag Under The Guise Of ‘Art’

Hannah Bleau

This is disappointing.

If you were walking past the Spencer Museum of Art at the Kansas University campus Wednesday, you might’ve noticed this.

Why yes– that is a desecrated American flag flying high. Surely, it was an accident right? WRONG. It’s “art.”

But no, it’s entirely intentional. It’s a “work of art” that the museum was displaying. The “artist” is Josephine Meckseper.

According to Meckseper, “The flag is a collage of an American flag and one of my dripped paintings which resembles the contours of the United States…. I divided the shape of the country in two for the flag design to reflect a deeply polarized country in which a president has openly bragged about harassing women and is withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol and UN Human Rights Council.”

Oh, and there’s also a black and white sock stuck to the flag, which she says symbolizes the detention of children at the border.

Very classy. //sarc

This is another tactic liberals use to get away with acting like uncivilized animals. They hide all their actions under the guise of “art.” Plopping paint-filled eggs out of your ladyparts? ART! “Piss Christ”? ART. Defacing Trump’s Hollywood star? ART. Disrespecting the American flag? ART.

All of this is insulting to Actual Artists who have Actual Talent.

Here’s where the true controversy lies. It’s one thing to desecrate the American flag on your own time and property. It’s another to fly it high on a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY.

Kobach explains:

It’s true that under the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision interpreting the First Amendment in Texas v. Johnson, Meckseper can’t be prosecuted for desecrating the American flag. So the government cannot stop her from defacing the flag in her studio.

But a public university funded by taxpayer dollars has no obligation whatsoever to fly her defaced flag. That’s why I immediately called on the University of Kansas to take down the flag. Patriotic Kansans and Jayhawks were outraged. But it shouldn’t take a demand from public officials to stop this display of a desecrated flag.

Word broke Wednesday afternoon that the university, bowing to growing political pressure, would move the flag from its spot on the pole to a public exhibit inside the museum. But it will remain on display.

Universities continue to descend into a total state of suckage.

h/t Breitbart