Chelsea Handler Goes On A Full Blown Lying Spree In Her Latest Tweet

Hannah Bleau

Poor Chelsea Handler is losing her marbles. Her comedy is right up there with George Lopez’s. (Pretending to pee on Trump’s Hollywood star. Knee-slapper for the AGES! Except not.)

She’s pumped out a lot of insufferable, non-funny tweets, but this one is extra special, because literally everything in this tweet is wrong.

Yep. That’s us! We hate healthcare SO much, we constantly fight against the left’s desire for a system that would reduce the quality of care in America. Yep. We hate females and definitely want to criminalize taking birth control. And kids? Who needs ’em? We hate them. That’s us!

Except no it isn’t. Every last word is a lie.

Wrong, because #feelings.

Keep repeating a lie until everyone believes it. It’s the liberal way.