California Man Shockingly Swings Young Son “Like A Baseball Bat” To Beat His Girlfriend

Ashley (Kimber)

There are real monsters in the world.

Anyone who would do this to a baby isn’t a human being… he’s a monster.

And I hope he gets EVERYTHING that he has coming to him.

Let’s just say if this where MY baby… that guy would be BEGGING not to be let out on bond…because I would find him.

According to Fox News:

Shocking video was recorded last week of a California man swinging a young child “as if to use as a weapon” during an altercation with a woman, Riverside police said.

The encounter was recorded by a nearby resident’s security camera, WSVN reported. The individual shown in the images, whom police identified to Fox News as Techhoak Danny Lim, 27, allegedly used the child “almost like a baseball bat.”

Lim is the father of the child, who is one-and-a-half years old, WSVN reported.

WARNING: this is disturbingly graphic:

You can watch a clearer video here.

In the video obtained by Fox 11, a woman in a white T-shirt is spotted moving from behind one outdoor wall to another. In the next clip, the woman is no longer visible when a man carrying a child comes into view. Within moments, the child is seen getting dropped from the man’s arms before being scooped up shortly after. The man appears to be talking to someone off screen and runs in their direction after giving a quick once-over to the child.

Another video shot shows both the man and the woman, in which the man appears to throw the small child down before whipping the child up again, propelling it toward the woman. After this, the child appears to be thrown to the ground once more.

It makes me want to vomit. And kill him. And then vomit again.

Police said authorities were able to track down “the couple and their shared child” after watching the recording. Police said the woman in the video is not the child’s biological mother, however she shares custody of the child with Lim. The adult pair is an unwed “couple,” police said.

It’s not clear why the woman shares custody.

Riverside police said officers “were able to determine the male half committed misdemeanor domestic violence against the female half and swung their child around as if to use as a weapon against the mom, which they determined to be felony child abuse.”

“The child sustained some minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital,” police said. Fox 11 reported that the child was given to his biological mother.

I hope to GOD his biological mom is a much, MUCH better person who had no idea her baby’s father would do something like this and simply allowed for shared custody.

This poor baby deserves a loving parent. I pray he’s in good hands now.

Mike Ogden, the resident who provided police with the recording, told WSVN that the actions displayed were “horrendous.”

“The baby being dropped to the floor and used as a weapon, that was horrendous,” Ogen told the outlet. “My wife is still shook up over that.”

Ugh. I can only imagine. I think I’d have nightmares about it for years…

The same day the incident occurred, Lim was booked on misdemeanor domestic violence and felony child abuse, police said. The following day, he was let out on a $50,000 bond, police said.

Attempts by Fox News to reach Lim were unsuccessful.

This POS is out living his life somewhere.

I’m not saying I HOPE he gets hit by a bus… I’m also not saying I don’t.