Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Protocol… By Blabbing About Abortion

Ashley (Kimber)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the “Royals” at all.

While they’re not supposed to be publicly political, they’ve gone out of their way to schmooze with the Obamas. They’ve seriously crawled half-way each other’s butts.


SO subtle.


Anyway… Meghan’s in trouble (again) for being political.

It’s not like she wasn’t before. Here she is talking about how much of A MISOGYNIST Trump is:

Wow. It’s shocking that this super political attention-hog turned “royal” can’t stop being political, huh?

According to Fox News:

Meghan Markle seemingly broke royal protocol when she and Prince Harry were on their first overseas trip as a married couple.

The newly-appointed Duchess of Sussex was busy meeting-and-greeting several guests at the British Ambassador to Ireland’s residence on Tuesday when she allegedly broke a major rule: don’t be political.

According to Irish senator Catherine Noone, who was one of the leaders of the recent referendum to legalize abortion in Ireland, Meghan expressed her support for Noone’s efforts.

In a since-deleted tweet captured by the Irish Sun, Noone said: “A pleasure to meet Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex at the British Ambassador’s residence this evening. The Duchess and I had a chat about the recent referendum – she watched with interest and was pleased with the result.”

Noone was quick to backtrack on her tweet as many pointed out members of the royal family are required to refrain from making political statements.

“I deleted it because it was unintentionally misleading – the Duchess was not in anyway political,” she later tweeted.

Yeah. I bet.

Not at all because the Royals’ “people” lost their sh*t at this woman for outing Markle’s blunder.

Again… wanna know how I’m SURE she has an opinion?

Because she always has: