Forbes Celebrates Kylie Jenner As A ‘Self-Made’ Woman

Hannah Bleau

The latest Forbes cover is ticking a lot of people off. Check it out.

Kim K is obviously proud.

But “self-made billionaire”? That’s what’s disturbing a lot of people.

I’m all for celebrating someone’s achievements and don’t begrudge anyone for being wealthy, BUUUUUUT I see why people are irritated. She wasn’t a total nobody who made something out of nothing (or very little). Not that it doesn’t count. She could’ve blown her fortune, I suppose. But the truth is, she got fake lips and capitalized on her garbage sister’s oily butt fame. I’m just saying, I understand the frustration. She came from a famous family. If she was a thin lips “nobody” who turned a cosmetic line into an empire, I’d be more impressed.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Kylie’s success. You know– in case you want to try to follow it. Please replace Step 2 with “Have a famous athletic father who decides he’s a woman.” That’s much more accurate. Kylie’s a Jenner, not a Kardashian.

PS– she has deflated her lips.

In one pic on Instagram, a commenter said, “She looks like the old Kylie here idk why,” and she replied “I got rid of all my filler.”

We’ll see how long that lasts, I guess.