Please Welcome Donna To Our Wall Of Shame

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Last night, out of the blue, we got this message on our FB wall from Donna:

I responded, obviously. 🙂

I was unaware that ANYONE WANTED to be Valley Girls.  What a completely idiotic thing to suggest.  Our voices are our voices, and if they’re nails on a chalkboard to you, WHY DO YOU NOT SIMPLY TURN OFF THE STATION, YOU TOTAL MORON.

Incidentally, I love when people think they’re catching me in some sort of giant GOTCHA moment when they say, “You weren’t for Trump until he won! NEENER NEENER!”  First of all, that’s not entirely accurate.  Trump wasn’t my primary pick.  But there was never any question that I’d vote for him in the general, which I did.  And since then, I’ve said on more than one occasion that I’m pleased as can be to have been wrong about him during the primaries.  I’m DELIGHTED with the results he’s achieved, and I happily admit that. So, sorry to spoil your big gotcha moment, Donna.  But yeah.  Fail.

I also love how Donna is the sole arbiter about what people want to listen to. She doesn’t like us, and therefore no one does.  Wow.  Someone thinks an awful lot of someone, doesn’t someone?

And she wasn’t done.

It’s the ONLY STATION that comes in when she’s out traveling? What the heck does she drive – a bicycle?  Is she listening to us on a Sony Walkman?

And I loved how she was all, “Angry response” as if she hadn’t just come to our Facebook page to take a giant, heaping crap on it.

Her initial comment (particularly about the repeating each other thing) reminded me of all the mean messages we got when we switched from afternoon drive to our morning time slot last summer.  If you guys have never seen this video, you’re in for a treat, because the messages are HILARIOUS.

I decided to share that video with Donna too.

Haters.  They have zero self-awareness. But she seemed pretty stoked about the potential shout-out.

And Donna still wasn’t done – she actually said that the only reason we were going to give her a shout out is because we didn’t have anything else to talk about on our show, and that’s why it’s so bad.


I was in the middle of responding to her to let her know that somehow, some way, we’d managed to be on the air for 5 years without ever knowing she existed, so having her as a topic of conversation wasn’t something we were really missing, but then she got spooked, nuked her whole thread, and I wasn’t able to screenshot any more of it.

I can’t tell you how much I love that she is basically admitting she’s forced to listen to us because it’s the ONLY STATION she gets while she’s on the road.  Hate listeners are so fun.

And I have a feeling she’ll definitely be tuning into the show today. 🙂