Owner Of The Restaurant That Kicked Out Sarah Sanders Steps Down As Leader Of Business Board

Hannah Bleau

Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the Red Hen restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders to leave, has stepped down as the leader of her business board.

Stephanie Wilkinson was the executive director of Main Street Lexington, a volunteer-based board tasked with revitalizing the town’s business district and boosting its economic prosperity.

Elizabeth Outland Branner, president of the organization, told WSLS she had accepted Wilkinson’s resignation on Tuesday.

‘Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best that for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she should step aside,’ she said.

So again– why did this happen? Because of the backlash from Wilkinson’s actions. Not only did she kick Sanders and her family out. She led ANOTHER protest after Sanders’ dinner party decided to eat across the street.

“The owner of the Red Hen – who had just thrown Sarah out – organized a group of people to yell and scream at them at another restaurant,” Huckabee said.

Since then, Wilkinson has received a ton of backlash in the form of protests at HER restaurant.

Wilkinson’s actions led to protests outside her restaurant, with police forced to cordon off the road in front of the Red Hen, where an estimated 75 protesters brought signs, waved flags, and chanted slogans on Tuesday.

One unidentified individual even hurled chicken feces toward the restaurant, which landed on the sidewalk.

A number of Trump supporters showed up carrying signs which read ‘Homos are full of demons’ and ‘Unless they repent Let God Burn them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6.’

I obviously don’t condone any of that. Those people don’t represent God or the heart of Jesus. Those particular protesters sound like fringe jackwads of the highest order. HOWEVER, libs have no room to complain about protests, because they’re CALLING for them. Heck, Maxine Waters straight up encouraged people to harass Trump supporters at restaurants, movie theaters and gas stations. So what the heck ever.

I don’t feel sorry for Wilkinson. Not one bit.

h/t Daily Mail