Could It Be That Comey Didn’t Indict Hillary… Because HE Was ALSO Guilty?!

Ashley (Kimber)

You guys.

This just keeps getting more and more bonkers.

It turns out, Comey ALSO used his personal email to conduct government business.

Could it be that he wanted to let Hillary off the hook… so that they wouldn’t go after him for the same crime?

According to Mediaite:

There’s a section of the Department of Justice Inspector General report which says that several FBI officials, including James Comey, used a personal email accounts to do government business.

The Washington Post reports that Michael Horowitz found five instances where Comey used a personal account to draft or forward emails on official matters. This development comes amid other portions of the report which state that even though he wasn’t affected by “political bias,” he broke with standard protocol when he oversaw the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Someone might have some ‘splaining to do.


Is THIS why Comey went into that virtually nonsensical explanation about Hillary’s “intent” versus her “extreme recklessness” that “no reasonable prosecutor would pursue charges” on?

Hmm. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?