WATCH: Tucker Goes BALLISTIC On “Stupid Person”

Ashley (Kimber)

I LOVE watching Tucker get heated with some of his more brain-dead guests.


This took the cake.

Tucker LOST IT.

…and for good reason.

According to this:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson torched a former DNC deputy press secretary over his views and comments on illegal immigration.

The heated debate on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday caused Carlson to pull the plug on the interview after calling out Jose Aristimuno as a “stupid person” who was lying for political gain.

“Part of the issue here is people like yourself and some Republicans want to pinpoint and just simply say, because your first name is Jose, or you are Latino, like me, I’m automatically and MS-13 gang member,” Aristimuno told Carlson.



I am “Latina” myself… I was born in Mexico from a Mexican mama. I speak Spanish as my first language and I legally moved to the US when I was 12. While I don’t look “stereotypically Mexican” I often speak Spanish in public. I don’t hide my heritage in the least. I make KILLER guac. (haha)

My mother? Well… there’s NO denying she’s Mexican. She has beautiful dark hair and skin and an adorable little accent.

She’s a legal immigrant who works as a Spanish teacher and has worked her ASS off chasing the American dream. She bought a cute house in a safe neighborhood where she lives with her two little dogs, Geoff and George. She pays her taxes and thanks God every day to live in the best country on earth.

Has ANYONE ever figured she’s an MS-13 member or a cartel member?


“You are a ridiculous person for saying that, I have never suggested anything like that and it’s appalling that you would say that. You are speaking a lie, and not for the first time,” Carlson shot back.

Aristimuno claimed, incorrectly, that President Trump has said the majority of immigrants are criminals or bad people, which the Fox News host quickly challenged.

Really, dude?

“He has not said that. You are lying for political gain as always,” Carlson said, as his guest argued that illegal immigrants without criminal records should be legalized.

“It’s hilarious that that solution comports exactly with your political goal, which is to create more Democratic voters,” Carlson said.

“Give me a break!” Aristimuno cried.

“You tell me rationally, how, if illegal immigration, the inability of the U.S. Government to show who is living within its borders is the problem, how encouraging more of it – which is what amnesty would do – is the solution?” Carlson asked.

“So your answer and many Republicans’ answer is to deport the 14 million illegal, undocumented immigrants in the country?” Aristimuno asked, escalating the conversation as he continued to push for amnesty.

“I know more than you,” he pushed back at one point, prompting Carlson to respond, “You know nothing.”

“This is just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person,” an exasperated Carlson finally said.


He digs in:

“I don’t have time for conversations with people who don’t know what they are talking about and haven’t thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees, a racist. Which is what you did in the very first sentence of this segment.,” he said.

“Thank you. You are pathetic,” Carlson concluded, ending the interview.

Mic drop.