Trump Mocks Mark Sanford’s Affair, Sanford Loses Primary.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Now, don’t misunderstand that headline.  I’m not suggesting it’s BECAUSE Trump made fun of Mark Sanford’s affair that Sanford lost the primary.  I’m just not NOT saying it either.

You remember good ole’ Mark Sanford, right?  The former Gov of South Carolina, who left the office in disgrace after “disappearing” for a few days, only to be discovered in the arms of another woman in Argentina?  Yeah.  Him.  I remember being so pissed at him when the news broke. 

But time passed, people forgave him, and then they elected him to Congress in 2013.  He’s been there since.  But he’s a never-Trumper, and that hasn’t sat well among South Carolinians.  Their primary election was last night, and Sanford lost to Katie Arrington.

And Trump made sure to make his choice known before the polls closed yesterday.

Ouch. I mean, listen, he’s not wrong, but perhaps Trump isn’t the best person to mock someone else’s extramarital affairs? Just sayin’.

And then there was this:

Sooooooooooo Trumpy. He wants credit, he’ll take credit. 🙂