Roseanne Barr Considers Giving Up Spin-Off Profits ‘So People She Loves Can Have Jobs’

Ashley (Kimber)

As most of you know by now, there’s been a lot of talk of making a “Roseanne” spin-off show… sans Roseanne.

There’s just one hold up (other than the fact most people wouldn’t watch it.)

Roseanne is the creator of the show, and has rights to many of the characters. You can’t really do a “Roseanne” spinoff without Roseanne.

Or at least… without PAYING Roseanne.

Well… Barr realizes that. She’s also heartbroken at having cost her castmates and crew their jobs…

So she’s seriously considering turning it all over.

According to Daily Mail:

Roseanne Barr is reportedly ‘seriously considering’ foregoing any profits from a potential spin-off show in order to enable it to go ahead.

The revival of the 65-year-old’s eponymous show was canceled last month after she posted a series of racist tweets, causing the cast and crew to lose their jobs.

A series of racist tweets?

All I saw was one really really stupid tweet that definitely SEEMED racist bt may have just been unfortunately misguided. “Series of racist tweets” is taking it a bit too far, no?

Rumors of a ‘Roseanne’ spin-off began circling last week, with producers reportedly in talks about how to create a show without Barr, but some raised concerns that she would still be able to profit from such a production.

However, the disgraced TV star reportedly ‘feels so bad’ about the cancellation of the show that she might step away from a potential spin-off, Page Six reports.

‘She’s considering giving up financial and creative participation in a spin-off so the people she loves can have jobs,’ a source close to Barr told the website.

That’s kind of her. But I certainly don’t think “Roseanne” minus Roseanne would see nearly the same success the now-canceled show was enjoying.