This Is The Most Unintentionally Inappropriate Headline In The History Of Headlines.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

OMG, you guys. Does not have an editor? Because this is an Actual Headline (screenshot in case someone changes it):

Please note – CUMMING IS A CITY, in this story, not an activity.  I know this, because my father in law lives in Cumming, GA.  But for people who may not readily have that information in their brains, this headline is WILDLY inappropriate.

In case you’re curious about the story itself, here are the details, in which the same unintentionally inappropriate verbiage is used TWICE:

Makayla Eleese McClain, 21 of Rome, was jailed this week after she allegedly stole a cellphone and then posted nude photos of a Cumming Woman on Facebook.

Reports said that McClain stole a 22 year-old woman’s cellphone at a location on 3rd Avenue back on June 5th.

They added that McClain proceeded to post photos of the Cumming woman on the stolen cellphone’s victim’s Facebook account.

McClain was taken into custody at the Quality Inn.

She is charged with theft by taking and prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmission.

If anyone wants to email this news publication to tell them about their unfortunate wording, you can reach them right here.

Or, we can just continue to enjoy their lack of a competent editorial staff.