President Trump Said He DID Talk Human Rights With Kim Jong-un

Hannah Bleau

Most of us didn’t catch President Trump’s press conference live (it happened in the middle of the night), but there are PLENTY of clips floating around.

I obviously knew this summit would revolve around denuclearization. That’s the world’s objective. However, I’m having a really hard time looking past North Korea’s horrific human rights violations. I get that we need a deal, but shouldn’t that be mentioned?

Trump said he did, in fact, discuss it briefly.

Notice that he added that they WILL discuss it more in the future.

I hate to say it, but he has a point. I really want the human rights stuff to be addressed, ESPECIALLY before Trump even CONSIDERS inviting Kim to the US (which again– I hope NEVER happens).

Libs are in a tizzy, but I’d just like to take this moment to remind everyone that they made a deal with Iran– a place that literally throws gay people off rooftops and beats women into submission.

So yeah. Wanna talk about that? Didn’t think so.