Here’s What Happens When You Change The ‘Actors’ In The Christian Baker Controversy

Hannah Bleau

Should a Christian baker have to bake a cake for a gay wedding? According to a bunch of students at George Washington University, YES.

“If his job is to bake a cake for a wedding, even if he doesn’t agree with it, he should still have to do it,” one student told Campus Reform.

“His ability to exercise his freedom of religion ends when that infringes on another person’s ability to be who they are,” another added.

One person said that people “have the right to eat the cake that they want to eat.”

Our generation is FULL of mental giants. Clearly.

But what happens when we switch up the roles? Do their opinions hold strong?

Not so much.

Should a black baker have to make a cake for a KKK rally? Should a Jewish baker have to bake a cake for a Palestinian wedding?

“It gets more complicated, I guess. I’m not sure … I don’t know,” one student said.

Oh, how the opinions change.

There were a few common sense takes, but the majority were wacked.

The big takeaway? Their opinions are all over the place, because they’re totally unprincipled. THAT’S their problem. They base everything on emotions, which are FLEETING.

And to think. These idiots VOTE.