CNN’s Acosta Gets NUKED For Hot Take On NK Summit

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned earlier, CNN’s Jim Acosta made a complete and utter FOOL of himself as he interrupted a historic moment with a bunch of incredibly inappropriate shouted questions.

It was truly embarrassing.

Friggin’ idiot, man.

Anyway… the droolstain published a little piece on how CRAAAZY it was to be there.

A Science fiction movie where the reporter is a flaming idiot who asks the wrong questions at the wrong times?

The first episode of this close encounter with Kim had the whole world binge-watching, from the first handshake to the dictator’s tour of the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast,” courtesy of Trump.

Gone are the days of “fire and fury” and “Little Rocket Man.” In response to shouted questions from reporters after his one-on-one meeting with the dictator, Trump beamed that the two leaders were already off to an “excellent relationship.” Trump praised Kim’s love of his country, sizing up the strongman as “very talented.”

Essentially, the same guy who was FREAKING OUT that Trump was being too mean to KJU, is now freaking out that Trump is trying to play nice.

This man is the human equivalent of a sidewalk loogie.



Any time I see /ANYTHING Acosta does I say to myself “Is this real life?!”

PS that last Tweet REALLY butthurt some TDS weirdo:

Um. Kinda lame to block someone WHO WASN’T EVEN TALKING TO YOU.


They’re so bonkers they’ll literally block anyone who DARES question THE ALMIGHTY ACOSTA.

I know this had nothing to do with me, either. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes people need putting in their place.

We’re screwed.