Twitter’s CEO Jack Under Fire For Eating Chick-fil-A During LGBT Pride Month

Hannah Bleau

June is LGBT pride month, which I didn’t realize was an Actual Thing until approximately 5 minutes ago.

I guess that explains this atrocious video.

I simply don’t see why your sexual orientation is worth actively celebrating. Just live your life and leave us all out if it. I don’t need to celebrate with you. Parades are completely unnecessary.

With the month comes a bunch of unsaid rules. Perhaps the most important rule? Never, under ANY circumstances, eat at Chick-fil-A. Those jerks believe marriage is between a man and a woman and HAPPILY serve and employ EVERYONE– even gays! That’s UNFORGIVABLE.

Twitter’s CEO Jack didn’t get the memo.

Jack apologized, because he doesn’t possess testicles.

I bet half of the people who whine about Chick-fil-A still eat there in secret.

Just sayin’…