Pennsylvania Road Rage Brawl Gets Crappy… Literally

Ashley (Kimber)

Nothing beats starting your morning with headlines like THIS:


This really turned into quite the sh*tty incident, huh?

According to Fox News:

A Pennsylvania man on Friday allegedly defecated on a fellow driver after the two engaged in a road rage argument, Lehigh Valley Live reported.

The alleged incident occurred at 8:45 p.m. It is not immediately clear what transpired before the interaction, but Pennsylvania State Police said the exchange led to Henry George Weaver defecating on the victim.

Weaver’s age was not revealed but he will be charged with harassment, reported.

At NO AGE is this appropriate.

WTF is up with people using poop as an argument tool?!

Last month, a Canadian woman was arrested after police said she deliberately defecated on the floor of a Tim Hortons restaurant and threw her feces at a store clerk, according to local reports.

The woman, who used nearby napkins to clean herself during the incident, was reportedly refused access to the store restroom.

I quit this world.