David Hogg Says We Need To #RaiseTheWage Because It’ll ‘Help Spur Gun Violence In Lower Income Communities’

Hannah Bleau

I’ve noticed something. Every time the left finds a new “resister,” it props them up, and that individual starts spreading his or her wings.

Alyssa Milano is doing that right now. She’s allllllll about standing up against gun violence, but she’s ALSO really into calling for an Equal Rights amendment, even though we already HAVE equal rights and protections under the law.

I’m just using her as an example. This is what they do. Liberals find a “cause” and use it to branch out into other unrelated topics.

David Hogg is doing the same thing. Sure, he’s all about dismantling the Second Amendment, but he’s also a champion for women…


…and poor people…

Did you catch that? “The $15 minimum wage is to help spur gun violence in lower income communities…”

The spelling is right this time, but does he know what spur means? Does he realize what he just said? And what does this have to do with the Pulse Nightclub shooting?

Hogg is TRYING (and spectacularly failing) to argue that the government needs to mandate a higher minimum wage, because too many people are poor, sad and victimized, and THAT boosts the chance of them wanting to commit crimes.

Once again, Hogg is looking to the GOVERNMENT to fix problems.

How many different ways can we say this? More government isn’t the answer. Hogg wants to empower the individual, right? That’s what he’s TRYING to say. When does the government EVER successfully empower the INDIVIDUAL? If the government does exactly as Hogg hopes, it will result in LESS jobs for MORE people. It doesn’t empower the individual AT ALL.

But ignore me. Let’s have the government #RaiseTheWage so we can help spur gun violence in lower income communities. Sounds like a grand plan.