Denver Church’s Sign Causes Controversy: ‘Jesus Would’ve Baked That Cake’

Hannah Bleau

A Denver church is causing a little stir over its controversial take on the whole Christian bake shop situation.

Check it out.

‘Jesus worked with folks on the periphery of society, mistreated and marginalized,’ said Pastor Dustin Adkins, who posted the message, to KUSA.

‘Those folks are the ones he welcomes the most.’

OK so…I get what they’re trying to say. You’re ABSOLUTELY supposed to come to Jesus AS YOU ARE. He takes it from there. He loves you too much to allow you to stay the same. Yes. Jesus hung out with sinners and actually called out the RELIGIOUS folks. However, He still stood on truth and spoke it in love. Jesus walked by pagan temples all the time. He didn’t shout at prostitutes and tell them they were doomed to hell, but He didn’t give them a “You go girl!” either. He hated the sin and loved the sinner. I don’t see Jesus doing anything that would actively enable and encourage a lifestyle contrary to His Word. He loves us SO MUCH that He wouldn’t have assisted us in hurting ourselves, even if it’s what we swore we wanted.

But again. He wouldn’t have been a judgmental wackjob shouting, “YOU’RE A SINNING HOMO” either. Absolutely NOT. That is NOT the heart of the Father.

Jesus was a carpenter, right? Would He have made something specifically as a request for a gay wedding? Let’s take it a step further and ask this question: Would Jesus have officiated the wedding?

That changes things a bit, doesn’t it?

And for the record, this applies to ALL sin. Would Jesus actively assist you in planning an affair on your significant other?

Highly doubt it. You catch my drift.

The modern day church is struggling to get the true heart of God out there. It’s about the fact that grace EXISTS, but that doesn’t mean everything is ideal. “You do you” culture isn’t God’s best for you. That’s the point.

That aside, I don’t think you should have to bake a cake you don’t want to bake, even if it’s not a religious thing. If a bunch of Satanists went to an atheist bake shop and requested a Satan cake and the bakers didn’t want to because it creeps them out, they shouldn’t have to. If a couple contacts a photographer to do an engagement shoot and the chick is your BFF’s sworn enemy, should you HAVE to do it? Shouldn’t you be able to politely decline? Won’t the free market sort the “iffy” situations out?

Get what I’m saying? Trust me. I know it’s a sticky subject.

h/t Daily Mail