Roseanne Responds To Rumors She’s Getting Moved To Fox

Ashley (Kimber)

As many of you know, Tim Allen’s canceled TV series “Last Man Standing” was recently picked up by Fox after ABC dropped it for being too conservative.

Many “Roseanne” fans are hoping the network would pick up the recently canceled show.

…I REALLY don’t see that happening.

For one, Tim Allen didn’t “do” anything to get his show canceled.. he just “is” conservative. That was his only crime. The ‘Roseanne” think has caused SO much uproar on both sides, Fox would reeeeeally be playing with fire.

They’d get automatically accused of being a RACIST network that condones RACISM. People would screech, people would march. People would throw rocks and flaming poop. It’s sad…but it’s just not worth the risk.

Anyway, fans keep fanning the flames on those rumors… but Roseanne showed up to snuff them all out.

The actress also responded to another tweet to squash a rumor that Fox had agreed to pick up the show.

Soooo…. yeah. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

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