Joy Reid Explains Why Obama Never Pardoned Jack Johnson… And I’m Dying Laughing

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned yesterday, President Trump pardoned Jack Johnson, the first black man to become world heavyweight champion, for his violation of the Mann Act in 1913.

President Obama had been asked to pardon him… but decided, for one reason or another, not to.

I guess there was just no room in the nearly 2,000 pardons he doled out over the years. (1,927, to be exact.)

Of course, the rabid libs are making SURE President Trump doesn’t get any credit for this… by explaining why Obama didn’t do it himself.

AHAHA yeah, ok.

Then JOY FREAKING REID joins in:


WTF are you even saying, Joy? No way you ACTUALLY believe this garbage.

You know. There’s that.

and that.

and that.

and that.

But seriously, Joy, tell me again how Obama didn’t pardon a man who was sentenced out of racism in 1913 because he “deeply believed in America’s institutions.” Go for it.