Today Marks One Year Of Mueller’s Ridiculous Investigation

Hannah Bleau

It’s a big day. Today– May 17th– marks one year of Mueller’s ridiculous investigation into President Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

Stop and think about how much time and money we’ve wasted on this over the course of the last year.

President Trump is worked up this morning. Can you blame him? I can’t.

He’s right. This is lame. There’s no collusion. NONE. If there were, you can bet we’d already know all about it. If Mueller had a SLIVER of damning information on Trump, MSM would’ve already thrown him (Trump, of course) under the bus. But there’s nothing, which is why they’re putting all their hope into a porn star.

By the way, this investigation is costing us millions of dollars. Over the first 137 days alone, it cost us $6,759,695.

A new report, “Special Investigations Involving U.S. Presidents and Their Admins Since 1973,” commissioned by the A-Mark Foundation, presents the length, cost, and details of special investigations under eight presidential administrations using charts, graphs, and comparative data. The 50-page report is available for free at

The ongoing special investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election process so far has cost $6,759,695 over 137 days of Department of Justice expenditure reporting from May 17, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2017. It has cost about $49,340.84 per day – the highest per day cost of the other presidential investigations examined since 1973.

In other words, we’re already well over $13 million, and now we’re entering the second year of this stupid investigation, which mean millions more wasted.