“This Could Be ‘Bigger Than Watergate!’ President Trump Drops A BOMB On Obama FBI

Ashley (Kimber)

As you know, information has recently come out on Obama using the FBI and DOJ to illegally spy on the Trump campaign…

As President Trump has claimed all along.

He has issued a response:

“Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI ‘spied on the Trump campaign…”

According to BPR:

Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberly Strassel launched a bombshell report last week, floating the notion that the FBI had planted a mole inside the Trump campaign.

With the much-anticipated release of the I.G. report, the New York Times used carefully crafted a story that confirms Strassel’s claim, but also positions the FBI’s unseemly actions as “no big deal.”

Absolutely ridiculous.

But completely expected.

Strassel discussed how the leakers who had spied on the Trump campaign are using the New York Times to push their own narrative before the Inspector General releases his own findings, which will undoubtedly be damning.

Make no mistake, Strassel and those on a quest for truth argue that this is a very big deal.

As you’ll remember, President Trump has been claiming this all along… and people called him crazy for it:

So, will president Trump be entirely vindicated in his claims? It seems likely… unless the liberal media gets their way.