Rudy Giuliani Suffers Car Accident In NYC

Ashley (Kimber)

Any time I’ve EVER been to NYC I think… how do people go more than a day without getting in a car accident here?

People drive like RABID MONKEYS.

Seriously… it’s a near miracle there aren’t more accidents. You might as well blindfold all the cab drivers and set them loose. They’d be just as good.

Anywhooo, Giuliani fell victim to the rabid monkey infested streets of NYC today.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to this:

Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and an attorney for President Trump, was involved in an apparent minor car accident in New York City Thursday.

CNN reported on air that Giuliani was riding in his own vehicle in midtown Manhattan when a pedicab made contact. A pedicab is a vehicle constructed like a bicycle with seats in the back for short-distance transportation around cities.

Pedicab drivers also appear to be blindfolded, by the way.

I almost got WIPED OUT by one who decided to take a “short cut” through a SIDEWALK.

GTFO, pedicab jackoff!

(See? I’m totally ready for the mean streets of New York.)

The collision was small and there are no reported injuries, and it is still unclear if there was even an accident report.

Giuliani recently left his law firm Greenberg Traurig in New York to work as a lawyer for President Trump as the Mueller Russia probe continues.

He claimed Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team told him that President Trump cannot be indicted during the Russia investigation.

Bring on the “Pedicab driver was working for Mueller conspiracies in 3…2…1…”