Palestinian Father Sends His Little Boy To Confront IDF Soldiers, Shouts ‘Let Them Shoot You’

Hannah Bleau

This is exactly what we’re talking about. This right here. Palestinian activists in America turn a blind eye to this kind of stuff, because there’s NO WAY they could support their efforts if they accepted the fact that this horrific mentality reigns in the Palestinian people. Well, I supposed they could, but that would just make them soulless jackwagons. (Eh. Let’s face it. A lot of these people are anyway.)

We frequently talk about how MSM consistently mischaracterizes the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. The truth? A lot of the “peaceful” Palestinian protesters are actually terrorists who use children as human shields. They ENCOURAGE women and children to go in harm’s way and desperately HOPE that the IDF retaliates. Then they can go, “Wow look Israel is MURDERING CHILDREN CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?”

Don’t believe me? Watch this. Warning. It’s HORRIFIC.

“Raise the flag. Let them shoot you.” A POS Palestinian father is saying this TO HIS LITTLE BOY. And notice what the Israeli soldier does. He gives the little boy a high-five. Meanwhile, the psycho father screams, “You are good at killing little children. Should I also bring my little girl?” He then instructs his child to throw rocks, and he does, because he’s just a little boy following his father’s commands.

This is just one small example of what REALLY goes on “behind the scenes.”

These people are MONSTERS.