Middle East’s Only “Pride” Event Has Been Canceled – Organizer Has Been Arrested

Ashley (Kimber)

I’ve been very clear on my thoughts on gay people and gay marriage.

I couldn’t care less.

It’s none of my business. They can do whatever they want. They’re adults. Just keep kids out of it. Kids don’t need sexuality rammed down their throats. They don’t need to know about it. They’re kids. The end.

I get called a homophobe for the sole fact that I’m politically conservative. Give me a breeeeak, folks. I literally wrote a post talking about how much I like drag queens. (Again – this is ADULT entertainment and should be treated as such.)

WANNA TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER? I’ve been to Pride Parades in Mexico, France, and a few different cities in the US. I used to go dancing at a gay bar in grad school because they’re FANTASTIC dance partners who won’t touch your butt.

But, you know who the libs LOVE despite being ACTUAL HOMOPHOBES? (no – not Joy Reid)

Middle Eastern Muslims.


Anyway… a Pride event was scheduled in Beirut.

Guess how that panned out. Just guess.

According to the Daily Wire:

It may come as no surprise, but the Middle East’s only gay pride event has been canceled and its organizer has been arrested.

This is my shocked face.

According to the BBC, Beirut Pride was a first-of-its-kind event, but after it was held only once — last year — authorities pressured the group’s organizer to end his event, arresting him at one of Beirut Pride’s parties and forcing him to spend a night in jail before demanding he sign a pledge ending Pride Week and canceling Beirut Pride altogether.

Wowwww… how “tolerant.”  I thought the USA was the most bigoted country in the world though?! At least… that’s what the libs told me.

Lebanon, the BBC reports, is one of only a small number of Arab countries where LGBT people can be open about their sexual orientation, and was the first country to allow gay pride organizations, but its legal code still says that any sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature” is punishable by up to a year in prison, though the law seems to be declining in use. And by Middle Eastern standards, that’s rather progressive.

Beirut Pride week is nothing like Pride events elsewhere in the world — it is a simple, nine-day “conference” featuring mostly low-key brunches, talks, lectures, readings, and mixers — but it was still a very liberal step.

Right. It was a pretty low key affair.

We’re not talking oiled-up muscleboys in banana hammocks here. (But can you imagine? They’d LOSE IT. Honestly… I’d support it just to see their heads explode.)

Beirut Pride’s organizer, Hadi Damien was at one of these events — a reading of a play about “homophobic crimes” — when he says members of the Lebanese “vice police” stormed in and arrested him without warning. He was taken to jail, where he spent the night, and then brought out for “questioning.”

Damien was then told he should officially end Beirut Pride. If he refused, he could be referred to a vice crimes judge who would “interrogate me on the basis of articles pertaining to the incitement to immorality and to the breach of public morality for co-ordinating the activities.”

Damien did was he was told, Tweeting that he was “out” of the process.

So um…

Let’s ask them all to move here. Right, libs?