Meet The HERO Armed School Resource Officer Who Stopped The Dixon High School Shooter

Hannah Bleau

An “armed male subject” made his way on the Dixon High School campus Wednesday morning. According to reports, he opened fire near the gym, where seniors were gathering for graduation rehearsal. An armed school resource officer reported the incident and took immediate action. He confronted the shooter, who tried to run away and opened fire at the officer. The officer chased him and fired back, hitting him. The suspect was wounded, but it wasn’t a life-threatening injury. Still, the officer eliminated the immediate threat.

The gunman has been identified as 19-year-old Matthew A. Milby. He’s been described as a troubled student who was kicked off the football team for smoking pot.

His mother, Julie, said she had no idea where her son got the gun he used in the shooting.

She told CBS Chicago he had been bullied, adding: ‘What was hurtful was and what this all led to was ostracization.

‘I just know that the kid’s been real sad for a long time.’

Children stole from him, she said, explaining: ‘His kindness got taken for weakness and he kind of got thrown under the bus.’

But she also added he was on the school football and track teams and was set to graduate on Sunday.

He was kicked off the football team, however, for ‘smoking pot’, she said.

Sorry, but that’s still no excuse for opening fire at school and threatening the lives of other students.

Police records show he was arrested for trespassing on a railroad property and had been charged for marijuana possession.

Julie, whose home was searched by ATF agents, also said she was thankful that Dallas did not kill her son.

She said, as reported by ABC7: ‘Well, my kid is laying up at the hospital shot. Thank god they didn’t kill him, that’s a blessing. Thank god he didn’t kill anyone else.’

All that aside, the true hero is Officer Mark Dallas. He saved countless lives.

Such bravery. He’s a hero indeed!

h/t Daily Mail