French President Emmanuel Macron Gives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The Dumbest ‘Advice’ Ever

Hannah Bleau

French President Emmanuel Macron is such a massive weenie, he could be the prime minister of Canada.

That’s right. We’re talking weenie levels that might even surpass those of Justin Trudeau.

Macron lives in a hippie-dippy alternate reality. While he’s probably a nice enough person and closet Trump fanboy, he’s a globalist who lacks a basic understanding of how the world works. He’s constantly giving crappy advice to other world leaders. He warned President Trump against dropping out of the Iran Nuclear Deal (Trump didn’t listen because he’s not going to be bossed around by a French cream puff), and he recently called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and informed him that Palestinians have the right to peacefully protest.

Me right now:

How Bibi resisted the urge to hang up on him, I do not know.

French President Emmanuel Macron told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Tuesday that he condemned the violence in Gaza, a day after dozens of Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli troops.

“He expressed his very deep concern about the situation in Gaza, condemned the violence and underlined the importance of protecting civilian populations and of the right to protest peacefully,” the Elysee said in a statement.

That’s great Macron. Except for the fact that THESE ARE TERRORISTS WHO ARE TERRORIZING. What a MORON.

Word of advice to Macron: Stop talking and leave leading to the big boys.

Watch this, then come back and talk to us.