DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Would Like To Regulate Private Company Payrolls Now…

Daisy, Co-Founder

If you listen to our radio show, then it’s no secret to you that Keith Ellison is flat-out pissing me off this week.  Dude has absolutely NO ISSUE with the fact that taxpayer money is being funneled back to Somalia through daycare fraud in Minnesota right now, and he’s mad about it WHY, you ask?  Well, not because those dirty terrorists living among us are ripping OFF the American taxpayer and sending piles of OUR CASH to their Somalian buddy terrorists over in their homeland.  You know, so that they can turn around and try to kill our families and whatnot.

No, Keith isn’t mad because his constituents that are getting ripped off, y’all.  He’s mad for those POOR, HELPLESS SOMALIS.  Yep.  That’s Actually Happening in Minnesota right now.

Keith is in charge of the Democrats.  Keep that in mind.  And if you’re a Democrat and care to stick up for this jackhole, go right ahead in the Comments down there and feel free as a bird to EXPLAIN YOURSELF AT ONCE.

Seriously.  I’ll wait over here.  I’ll even mosey on over and grab a beer while you’re trying to come up with some sort of lame excuse for supporting The Commie Jackhole.

While I’m grabbing that beer, I’ll go ahead and tell you about Keith’s defense of socialism in this country, too:

In January, Ellison was asked, “Since January 20, 2017, organizations outside of the Democratic Party, notably Indivisible and Democratic Socialists of America, have expanded in numbers and mobilizing power. What role will growing organizations such as these play in the trajectory of the “Resistance,” as it might be called, and what implications would you say that this bears for the Democratic Party’s leadership?”

Ellison answered, “ … how does it affect the Democratic Party? Well, it enhances us, because it means that more people are engaged, more people are involved. … So, no matter who’s organizing who, as long as the folks are organizing for an agenda of a fair economy and an inclusive society, it’s going to benefit the Democratic Party. And yes, they’re going to impact the Democratic Party. …”

Yeeeeeah.  About that.  This week, in Pennsylvania, four socialist-backed candidates just won their primaries.  Because Democrats, y’all.  This is what they are now – a bunch of pinko commies who aaaaaaaaallllll want the free crap.  I blame you, Obama.  And you, Bernie.  And now you, Keith The Jackhole.

So empowered to ask for Sugar Daddies these days, isn’t it?  You know, when the Almighty Sugar Daddy is the Gubmint (or you and me – the American Taxpaying Sucker).

Keith Ellison is one of the dudes in charge of the commies, er, Democrats. And now, he wants to tell companies in the private sector how much they can pay their CEOs.  I don’t know if you need me to remind you, but I will anyway – guys like Keith (The Jackhole) are the same folks who demand raises every five minutes while they work HALF AS MUCH as you and I do in any given year and most of us make a fraction of what they make.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, huh?  Ain’t it just CRAZY how that works?  This really is rich, especially coming from The Jackhole who has gotten rich off the tax money of the very people who he’s demonizing:


Anywho, Jackhole and his government buddies want to control how much CEOs of private companies make.  And my favorite is that he wants to have a discussion about the health of companies, AS IF HE ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS what in the hell that even means.  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  Jackhole started out as a lawyer (yawn so predictable) and then became a politician.  Because that’s what these government parasites DO.  Ellison knows diddley SQUAT about starting, owning, or running a freaking business.  And he knows less about being over-regulated in one.

But you know what Keith does know about?  Being the first one to say “GIMME!”  I mean, he’s for universal basic income, after all.  And what do you want to bet he’d be the first one in line to give HIMSELF a big, fat raise for making sure that Somali immigrants get plenty of my taxpayer dollars for terrorism.

Keith Ellison is a disgrace to a free market America, he’s an embarrassment to public service, and I can’t believe Actual Americans elected this pathetic clown.  If you pulled the lever for him, you should – without a minute of hesitation – look at your hand, make a fist, and then swiftly punch yourself in the face.