Candace Owens Is Fighting With Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, And Sarah Silverman

Mockarena, Co-Founder

It’s a tweet-fight, and I gotta admit, it’s entertaining to watch.

It started like this:

Now, to be fair, this was kind of a lame way to insult these women, if you ask me. I mean, I think Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman are vile, despicable creatures for all kinds of reasons, but choosing not to marry or to be childless (or being unable to have kids, whatever the case may be) isn’t one of those reasons. This just seemed unnecessarily mean.

Kathy Griffin responded.

So did Silverman:

And Candace replied:

And see – on those points, she’s absolutely correct. Those are the reasons to find those three women vile and despicable. Candace didn’t need to go after their procreating choices.

So far, Chelsea Handler hasn’t weighed in because I think she’s too busy defending Hamas right now. But this fight is young, y’all. Don’t count her out just yet.