“Yanny” Or “Laurel?” The Case is CLOSED. OFFICIALLY!

Ashley (Kimber)

I wrote about the weird audio phenomenon that was talking the internet by storm last night.

I even ran a poll on my Twitter:

Here are the results as of writing this post:

I figured I should take a screen shot,  since people will probably CHEAT now that we know the truth!

Because there IS a truth…

TMZ spoke to the people who MADE the clip.


The “Yanny” vs. “Laurel” debate has torn friends, families and the Internet apart … and we finally have the definitive answer as to what the recording REALLY says.

Ok, enough debate. It’s Laurel.

According to the guy who originally posted the audio — Redditor RolandCamry — he recorded the robotic pronounciation of the word “Laurel” from vocabulary.com. Roland says he recorded the audio off his speakers, which caused the distortion.

Audio experts have said the reason people hear it differently is because everyone hears frequencies differently. They also blamed the crappy quality of the recording for the distortion.

Roland tells us he and a friend were simply surfing vocabulary.com when they came across the word. He says he heard “Laurel” but his friend heard “Yanny” … and that’s why they posted the clip online to spark a bigger conversation.


(Sorry. I get a little competitive. Can we still be friends?)