Mika And Joe Just Outdid Themselves.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

When it comes to Mika and Joe being despicable hacks, I kinda felt like they’d already reached the bottom before.  Like – several times.  But that was until I saw them talking about the US embassy in Israel opening earlier this week.


Terrorists attacked a sovereign nation as it celebrated the US Embassy opening in its capital. Israel protected and defended itself, as it rightly should’ve. Israel has every right to choose its capital, and since the United States has recognized Jerusalem as the capital for decades, it made all the sense in the world for members of the Trump family to be there to celebrate. Finally, we have a president who put some bite behind his bark. He is a true friend to Israel. It was a day to celebrate.

And so what is our national media, including Mika and Joe doing? They’re criticizing the celebration and the attendees of it for “not caring” about the bloodshed. They’re claiming that the attendees were “out of touch” with what’s going on in the region.  Are they freaking high?  Are they prepared to claim that Netanyahu, who was also at the celebration, is also out of touch with the reality of his region?

Of all of the despicable segments I have seen this duo do, this one was by far one of the worst.  It’s an embarrassment to America, and they should be ashamed.