‘Marking His Territory’: CNN Devotes An Entire Segment To President Trump’s Signature

Hannah Bleau

J.K. Rowling recently decided to “hit” President Trump by subtly suggesting that his signature reveals he’s a big fat ham of a man.

Whatever. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Once again, Rowling proved that.

Even though it’s stupid, Rowling isn’t a news organization. It’s one thing for her to point out stupid crap like that. It’s another for CNN to devote an entire segment to it.

Oh yeah. That happened.

CNN is literally saying Trump is “marking his territory” by signing stuff. His BIG signature reveals that he’s super into himself. And it obviously means he lacks compassion.

“President Trump’s signature looks like a hacksaw.”

What in the world, CNN???? This is why no one likes you.

Bingo. CNN is pathetic.

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