University Of Utah Now Offers Students A ‘Crying Closet.’ WHAT IS OUR WORLD.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I’m already completely overwhelmed by the fact that the internet basically broke yesterday after Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Trump’s entire family started retweeting each other and saying crazy stuff like “Black people don’t have to be Democrats” – so you can imagine how over the top this story was to read this morning.

According to that sourcelink, a “visual artist” by the name of Nemo Miller has installed a “cry closet” into the library at the University of Utah. Nemo attends that university as a student, and she apparently thought there wasn’t a suitable public safe space for her to cry in so she thought to herself, “Self – I should install a special box in the middle of the library that I can crawl up into and sob freely.”

And so she did. Another student captured the final result:

Here are those pictures if they’re too hard to see in the tweet:

Those stuffed animals are really going to get in the way of all the sex students will be having in there.  This is COLLEGE, for crying out loud.


Anyway, I suppose we should feel better about the fact that this was created by an “artist” and not installed by the university itself, but yeah.  I don’t really feel better.

This is our world now.