Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Holds Gun For The First Time – Liberal Trolls Come SWARMING

Ashley (Kimber)

Kyle Kashuv has been a HUGE advocate of Second Amendment rights since the horrific tragedy at his high school left 17 dead.

Interestingly, Kyle had never shot, or even TOUCHED a gun until now. He simply stood for what he believed was right.

Kyle hit up a range for the first time yesterday:

Way to go, Kyle! This is awesome.

But, as to be expected, he was IMMEDIATELY swarmed.

So… “healing” can only happen on this guy’s terms, apparently.

Kyle wants to be able to protect himself and those he loves if anything were to ever happen again. I consider that healing. Peace of mind, you know?

Kyle, being the nice guy he is, was courteous and level-headed in his response:

But that didn’t stop them. Of course not.

WTH is WRONG with people?!


It’s like they REFUSE to acknowledge the other side of this argument could possibly be ANYTHING BUT EVIL.

“You freak.”

Jeez… these people are … just… UGH.

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