Sean Hannity Addresses The Whole Michael Cohen Situation

Hannah Bleau

Earlier today, Sean Hannity was revealed as Michael Cohen’s “mysterious” third client.

Judge Kimba Wood ordered Cohen to attend and provide information about his clients as she weighs an emergency action by Cohen’s attorneys to stop prosecutors from reviewing more than a dozen electronic devices and documents seized during a FBI raid of Cohen’s office, home and hotel room last week.

Cohen’s lawyers had publicly identified Trump and Broidy as clients, but only revealed Hannity’s name after the judge ordered them to.

Everyone immediately flipped out and assumed this pointed to OBVIOUS nefarious behavior. I turned on Sean Hannity’s show, and he addressed the claims rather quickly. He said he’s known Cohen for years, and he never represented him in any sort of official capacity. He’s had occasional discussions with him, but it never went beyond that. He also said his questions never involved a third party. There was nothing nefarious.

He also just addressed this on Twitter:

There you have it. I’m sure he’ll address this on his show tonight as well.