Meghan McCain Issues Comey An OMINOUS Warning


“We’re all gonna filet you.”


Comey’s pathetic moan-fest of an interview is MAJORLY backfiring against him. The left thinks he ruined it for Queen Hillary, the right thinks he’s a dishonest political hack. (because he is)

It’s not like he doesn’t care. Just LISTEN to clips from his interview. Comey is ALL EGO. Comey REALLY CARES.

Meghan McCain has a SERIOUS warning for him ahead of his visit to The View on Wednesday:

According to the Washington Examiner:

Meghan McCain warned former FBI Director James Comey that he better be prepared for his interview with “The View” ladies later this week.

“We’re all gonna filet you,” warned McCain, a co-host of the talk show.

Comey is set to appear on the ABC show on Wednesday as part of his media blitz to promote his book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.”

Comey’s first television interview ahead of the book’s Tuesday release aired Sunday, in which he called President Trump “morally unfit” to be the commander in chief.

McCain questioned Comey’s motives Monday.

“I think the problem with James Comey is he can’t decide what he is,” she argued. “He’s this Boy Scout defending the FBI … or is he a media personality and a highly political animal?”

“This just seems like he’s settling scores,” McCain added.

That’s ALL he’s doing. Comey is on a petty revenge tour.

Whatever. I’ll enjoy watching him self-destruct.

So far, so good.