Joey McMensa Set To Make Announcement, And We Need To Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Daisy, Co-Founder

Oh, you knew it was coming, y’all.  And you know what he’s going to announce.  Because these yahoos want to draw this crap out all dramatic-like until you just can’t deal with them anymore (remember Hillary’s “announcement” that went on for waaaaaaay too long?).

Mmmm hmmm.

Enter Joe Biden.  He’s going to be announcing his “possible 2020 run by the end of this year.”  Because of course he’s going to drag it out forever and then he’ll eventually say he’s running for president and liberals will be frothing at the mouth over him and how ELECTABLE he is OMG.  They’re going to have about 28,462 candidates on that side of the aisle, so he might as well get in there, too:

Biden, who once said he’d like to “beat the hell” out of Trump, said he’s still considering another presidential bid and would decide “by the end of this year.”

The Delaware Democrat cited favorable polling on his potential candidacy but said he’s waiting on whether the Democratic field has a viable winner.

“I’m really hoping some other folks step up. I think we have some really good people,” Biden told MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” in an interview that aired Sunday.

“I got to walk away knowing … there is somebody that can do it and can win because we got to win. We got to win in 2020.”

Interesting tidbit about Biden, though.  He’s a gaffe-tastic grope machine.  And in light of all the #metoo stuff, I’d like to see how the feminists handle him and his absolute skeeviness.  For the record, I’ve been asking this exact question since February of 2015, but who’s counting the months?

In 2017, Paul Joseph Watson asked a similar question about CREEPY UNCLE JOE:

I’m uncomfortable with just about EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO, because I’m uncomfortable with a dude like HIM.  And it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t let either one of my daughters be alone with Joe Biden.  If you have a problem with me saying that, then you probably wouldn’t be someone I’d leave my daughters alone with, either.  Just so we’re clear.

And before you start yammering to me about Trump cheating on his wife, or Trump saying something about grabbing women by the pu$$y – he did both of those things BEFORE HE GOT INTO OFFICE.  He’s never grabbed anyone IN OFFICE, around the office, or near the office, as far as I know, and I’m pretty sure I’d know that, considering that I pretty much know when our President TAKES A DAILY POO.  He’s not groping women on my dime.  He hasn’t had time to grope women, for crying out loud.  He’s too busy ticking things off a list that half of America asked him to complete when we elected him.

And in no way is he doing or saying disgusting things to underage girls.

So before you come at me with that nonsense (and I know you will, because I’ve been doing this for the better part of a decade), bugger off.

Back to Biden.

What say you, empowered wimmenz? You paying attention out there, or are your pussyhats on too tight??  Where are you with this Joe Biden problem, Ashley Judd?  Because it’s a problem.  And it’ll continue to BE a problem.  If you don’t think it’s a problem, we’ll make it a problem for you.  I assure you that we will.

On top of being a creepy, hypocritical, career politician who’s done nothing but get rich off the American taxpayer his whole adult life, Biden also thinks that Community College should be free.  I wonder if he and Bernie vacation in Venezuela in their off time, which is most of the time, since these people don’t really work, but they spend most of their time spending OUR hard-earned money.  And did y’all know that Biden is a raging liberal Catholic who, like Nancy Pelosi, believes that abortion is somehow wrong (for him?) but he’s still going to support legislation in favor of it.  You know, ’cause he’s never gonna have one himself, I guess.  Those modern Catholics are like, super progressive and stuff.

But listen – after he takes Trump behind the woodshed, finally kicks his a$$ (ha ha ha ha ha), and runs for the big office with the really cush perks on the American taxpayer’s behalf, it’ll be interesting to see all the past flubs and missteps come back out to haunt him – especially that time he asked the dude in an obvious wheelchair to stand up. Oh yeah – and that time he plagiarized his way through law school, but he wasn’t trying to be meeeeeean about it, y’all.  So, it totally doesn’t count.

Maybe all the obvious creepy groping of women doesn’t either, because he’s doing it out of love?

Excuse me while I vomit.