Debbie Wasserman Schultz Reveals The Meaning Behind The Mysterious ‘F’ Pin On Her Lapel

Hannah Bleau

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has remained under the radar since losing her position as DNC chair. (Minus the whole IT aide fiasco.) What’s she been up to? Oh, you know. She’s been keeping it casual, PROUDLY standing up against our Constitutional rights and whatnot. And I really do mean “proudly.” See that “F” pin?

It actually represents her grade with the NRA.

“Hey! Look at how much I SUCK at defending the Second Amendment rights of the American people!” -That Pin

I actually don’t mind her wearing an “F” pin. What do I care if she wants to advertise being an overall failure? I view this as a rare moment of honesty!

As you can see, the “F” pin can have MANY meanings.

You go on with that pin, Debz. Thank you for self-identifying as a failure.

h/t Twitchy