‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Just Performed At Her First Ever SOLD OUT Concert

Hannah Bleau

I weep for humanity. I really, truly do.

Danielle Bregoli– the teen thug who is famous for being an entitled, undisciplined monster and showing the world how horrid she is on national television– is an “artist” now. She’s a rapper. She has a hit single called “These Heaux” (pronounced “hoes,” because duh).

I’m sorry for this, but you need to hear just how trashy and ridiculous this is.

EARS BLEEDING. And before you say, “Hey Hannah– WHO CARES! I’ve never even heard of this brat. You’re giving her publicity!” please know that the “These Heaux” music video has been viewed over 64 MILLION times.

I’m not doing this. SOCIETY is doing this. I’m simply pointing out that it’s completely demented.

ANYWHO. Bregoli is currently on a three-month world rap tour and kicked it off Saturday night at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. It was SOLD OUT you guys. People actually bought tickets to see this brat and hear her trashy, talentless ramblings.

The viral sensation’s debut show at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California, on Saturday night was the first of 32 performances on her ‘Bhanned in the USA’ tour which features a supporting act from Asian Doll.

The social media star, who performs under the name Bhad Bhabie, is playing 25 shows in the US before moving to Germany, Belgium, France and the UK.

More than a million people have watched a clip of her performance, which she posted on Instagram on Sunday.

MORE THAN A MILLION. We can only hope most of those views were inspired by nothing more than morbid curiosity, but I doubt it because she has 12.8 MILLION willing followers on Instagram.

31 more shows?! We’re REWARDING a disrespectful brat’s behavior. (She’s only 15 you know.) Now she’s going to be an out of control MILLIONAIRE with a freaking clothing line. (Yeah– she has merch for REAL.)

Look at this walking, undisciplined nightmare.

you wish bish 🖤

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I’m off probation biches !!!! 🎉🎉👮🏻‍♂️😂

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This is all so nauseating.

h/t Daily Mail