Twitter Bans Conservative Street Artist Sabo For No Reason Whatsoever

Hannah Bleau

We’ve written about conservative street artist Sabo before. He’s responsible for this:




And most recently, this:

Well, Twitter has had enough. It decided to ban him. The “official” reason is unknown. (But we all know it’s because he’s a conservative.)

Sabo, who ran the @UnsavoryAgents account, was banned from the platform on Friday.

“Was not told why or for how long. I just saw I no longer have my 32,000 followers and I’m no longer following anybody,” claimed Sabo in an email to Breitbart Tech. “They want nothing less than to completely destroy us on the Right.”

If you try to go to the @UnsavoryAgents account, you’ll find this:

Unbelievable. The shadow banning is real.

Well? We’re waiting for an explanation…

h/t The Gateway Pundit