Student Group Planned To Hold A ‘No Whites Allowed’ Pool Party

Hannah Bleau

Full disclosure: Summer is my least favorite season. And by least favorite, I mean I kinda sorta hate it. I know I live in the Sunshine State, but I’ve always hated summer for many reasons. For starters, I like clothes– preferably clothes that cover thighs. (Yes– I HAAAAAAAAATE shorts. Shorts on me, at least.) I also hate humidity, sunburns, sweat and the constant need to carry sweaters around even though it’s 100 degrees outside. (Stores are freaking COLD here in the summer.) There’s basically no perfect temperature of comfort in the summer. You’re either too hot or too cold.

And then, there’s what I hate most of all– BATHING SUITS. This isn’t a new hate of mine either. There are actually photos of me as an 8-year-old kid at the beach in full blown clothing. I’ve always hated swimwear, and I’m not quite sure why. I’m trying to embrace the sunny beach life though. I just suck at it. Plus I don’t want wrinkles.

OH– here’s another reason I don’t like this time of year. Insufferable SJW college students get bright ideas to hold “no whites allowed” pool parties. At least, that’s what a student group at Scripps College tried to do.

Organized by Scripps’s Latinx group “Café con Leche,” the event was announced via Facebookunder the claim of being the “first ever POC [person of color] pool party in [Clare]mont.”

The three-hour use of Scripps’ Sally Tiernan House Pool is aimed at the creation of “a safe space for 5C students that identify as POC to come together and build community,” and will be open to all students identifying as POC attending the Claremont Colleges. The event is set to take place between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM, after the pool’s normal hours of operation.
Wait. The party was open to “all students identifying as POC.” Keyword– identifying. Does this mean I’d be able to go if I pulled a Rachel Dolezal and identified as black woman? Would that work for them?

Café con Leche also advertised the event on its own Facebook page, adding in its post that the pool party will be “POC ONLYYYY.” Cafe con Leche is a registered student club at Scripps College, with a stated goal of providing “a forum for the discussion of social, political, and economic issues that affect women, particularly those of Latinx decent.” The group also claims to be welcoming of all members of the Scripps College community.

“We welcome all members of the Scripps community regardless of racial and cultural heritage to join us in this pursuit,” it states.

Hm…I’m getting some mixed messages here.

I don’t care what they say. The fact of the matter remains: They advertised this event as exclusively for “people of color.” Can you IMAGINE the outrage if a bunch of white students got together and planned a similar event for white people? (Which would be the DUMBEST thing of all time. JUST AS DUMB as this event.) Both scenarios are the complete OPPOSITE of progress. Yet, liberals look at this exclusive event and say, “Yes. This is what progress looks like!”

It’s backwards. Straight up backwards.

h/t Campus Reform

Update: The party was postponed:

Update: The pool party has now been postponed. Scripps College President Lara Tiedens sent out the following email to students this afternoon:

“The pool party has been postponed due to concerns about student safety in the wake of numerous phone calls and emails from the public expressing hostility and threatening physical violence.”