James Comey Attempts To Explain His Shoddy Book, Says It’s About ‘Ethical Leadership’

Hannah Bleau

James Comey’s “bombshell” interview with George Stephanopoulos airs tonight.

George is super excited about it.

“I’ve never had an interview like this,” he said. “Never like this, that was this intense, potentially this consequential and where I was as surprised as I was by what I heard.”

*dramatic GAAAAAASP*

President Trump is ready. He’s already tweeting about the book and interview and everything related.

Comey decided to grace us all with a preview ahead of the interview. Get a load of this.

HAHAHAHAHA. His book is about “ethical leadership” you guys. ‘Cause he’s an expert in that department, lemme tell ya. This is coming from the same weasel who drafted a memo exonerating Hilary Clinton before she was even interviewed by the FBI. This is the same slimeball who leaked private memos. He’s going to lecture the world on “ethical leadership” and use Trump as a “counterpoint.” That is rich.

Does Comey truly not realize that the existence of this very book proves us all right? He’s been a partisan hack from the very beginning. I don’t care WHAT letter he has next to his name.

Nobody said it better than Rep. Gowdy.

“I think it’s sad,” Gowdy said on “Fox & Friends.” “One of the things Director Comey and I did agree on is we needed an apolitical FBI. We had some fairly heated exchanges about that. I can’t think of anyone who’s done a better job of politicizing the FBI than he has in the last 36 to 48 hours by talking about tanning bed goggles and the length of a tie.”

“That is beneath the dignity of the offices that he held,” Gowdy continued. “So I’m really disappointed.”

So much for “ethical leadership,” amirite?